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and Strategy-in-Action
In an effort to address the challenges of the current recession and the emerging conditions that Stamford will face over the next several decades, we are reaching out to dynamic and knowledgeable citizens to participate in a a civic conversation that will serve as a strategy-in-action and a means by which Stamford citizens take control of their destiny.

Reinventing Stamford: Redefining the Recession, kicked off on Tuesday, March 24, 2009 with 105 participants at the Palace Theater. A second event on May 11, 2009 focused on Stamford's connections to the metro, the megaregion and the global network. There were two events in June 2009: one on downtown place-making on June 8th; and one on the intersection of education and the economy on June 10th. We took the summer off and then reconvened on September 17t, 2009 to focus on Stamford: the Green City; on October 28, 2009 when we began a transition from information gathering and conversation to strategy-in-action; and on December 8, 2009with the theme of Stamford: the Creative City, with a focus on finding opportunities in emerging conditions to create jobs and wealth. On March 10, 2010 we released Pivot Point: the first year of Reinventing Stamford.
A PDF of the report can be downloaded from the Resources section of this website. Pivot Point shapes the ideas generated by the seven 2009 Reinventing Stamford town meetings into a coherent strategy for Stamford that lays a foundation for long-term economic growth, energy efficiency, environmental quality and reduced economic disparity. At the March 10, 2010 event, we transitioned from conversation and information-gathering to strategy-in-action through the formation of four Action Teams, each focused on one of the strategy elements highlighted in a section of Pivot Point. On June 6, 2010 the Action Teams reported on progress with their initiatives. We again took the summer off, then reconvened November 17, 2010 to discuss how to build Stamford into the New American City. Audio of the four interviews by Tom Appleby are downloadable from the Online Audio section of this website under the title 11/17/10 Event. Ideas generated by 22 small group discussions are downloadable from the Resources section of this website under the title 66 Ways to Build Stamford Into the New American City.

The Partners: Stamford Downtown Special Services District, Stamford Economic Development Commission, Fairfield County Community Foundation, Ferguson Library, GE Asset Management, Stamford Hospital, Stamford Partnership, Stamford Planning Board, Pitney Bowes, Stamford Public Schools, and Stamford Urban Redevelopment Commission.

The Proposition: We need to develop strategies and promote actions that accelerate Stamford's reorientation around the economic crisis. Stamford should aim to emerge from the recession as a more innovative, greener, more sustainable and diversified economy, and overall, a more consciously resilient place and people.


To Join the Conversation: People interested in participating in Reinventing Stamford should contact Celeste Johnson at cjohnson@reinventingstamford.com or at 327-9180.

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